Launch of a new website and the first products

March 15, 2021

We've been working hard on the new site and we're finally ready to go!

On our new website you will find more than 200 motifs of 3D metallic wallart, for which we have used the most modern technology of 3D varnish and application of 3D metallic foils.
The resulting effect adds a new dimension to the images that is tangible to the touch. The images will shine with every impact of light and will definitely not be a boring part of your home.
Your walls deserve a change and thanks to the beautiful shine they will look exceptional and luxurious.

The paintings can be taken in the form of a poster or framed in quality frames from a Czech manufacturer. There are 6 types of frames on offer and the combination is up to you.

We are currently working on offering digitally rendered 3D wallart from acrylic and paper, house numbers, stickers and pet portraits.

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