Digital print

Digital printing is used for fast processing of print orders in small quantities (from 1 piece), without the need for complex prepress. We offer various types of graphic papers, stickers and other print media. We use Konica Minolta, Oki and Xerox machines for digital printing. The maximum print format depends on the type of printing technology used (max. format 330x1000mm).


Digital laser cut

Our technology is an ideal solution for marking, engraving and cutting various materials: Paper, cardboard, genuine and artificial leather, natural and artificial textiles, denim, rubber, wood, acrylates, acetates and organic materials over a large area up to 1360×600 mm. The laser source is of the CO2 type with an output of 150W).

Digital laser cutting is a special production technique for paper treatment, where it is not necessary to produce a die-cutting form. Product is cut to the smallest detail thanks to a fine laser beam. If you want to make your advertising or corporate publications, christmas cards, business cards and more special, the digital laser cut is the right thing to do. We process any shapes or text. We send the proof to email within 2 working days.



3D varnish / 3D gold foil / 3D silver foil

Thanks to our new MGI JETVARNISH 3DS + iFoil-s digital machine, we can create beautiful 3D effects and breathtaking prints. Whether it's textures or highlighting a graphic element. The new production process will make the products livelier and more tangible.


For which products do we recommend this production process?

3D varnish / 3D gold foil / 3D silver foil is perfect for:

- Luxury business cards

- Luxury packaging

- Luxury wedding invitations

- Luxury cosmetic packaging

- Luxury beverage containers

- Luxury christmas cards

- Imitation of textures


Why use this technology?

- It is not necessary to produce overpriced printing dies

- The whole process is digital

- It is possible to sample and produce from 1 piece

- Fast production process

- Can be used instead of conventional embossing

- Fitting the paint on CMYK graphics is accurate, the system uses a scanner and scans each sheet

- Environmentally friendly: lower energy consumption, less waste compared to traditional methods - no punches or screens are used


Useful information (technical parameters):

- Maximum paper size: 364x1020mm

- Varnish thickness: 15-100 microns (per laminated surface)

- Varnish thickness: 30 - 100 microns (for toner)

- Material thickness: minimum 150g/m2 to 450g/m2

- The paper must have a closed surface, we recommend laminate. The technology cannot be used on offset paper that is absorbent

- We recommend laminating the paper or sealing it with a dispersion varnish


Factors influencing the price:

- thickness of the varnish layer

- gold / silver metallic foil

- lamination


Several important factors need to be taken into account when determining the height of the varnish.

- Pattern fineness and line thickness

- The higher coverage of the varnishes = the higher the price

- Based on our experience, we recommend using 51-85 microns, where the result is very nice

- For very fine graphics, we recommend a varnish height of max 51-70 microns

- It is possible to print different varnish heights in one operation on the created graphics. The top coat of varnish must be set to 100% black. The lower layers must always be with a difference of at least 20%.


Instructions for preparing layer data for 3d varnish or 3D embossing in PDF can be downloaded here


Real prints speak for themselves, do you want to see the results of our work? Order a swatch of our effects.




The principle of lamination is the application of a thin film on the surface of the paper. The paper treated in this way is resistant to water and abrasion. Papers can be laminated on one or both sides. We offer glossy, matt and souf touch laminating foils. The size of the laminated paper can be from A4 (210x297mm) to B3 (350x500mm).


Cutting paper and stickers

An equally important part is the finishing of all printed materials. We use the most modern machines in the segment for finalization of orders. In our portfolio we have a stack and automatic sheet cutter as well as the most modern sheet cutting plotter suitable for the production of stickers or boxes from 1 piece.