Terms of delivery

KyoPrint s.r.o., Legionářská 231/15, 664 34 Kuřim, Czech republic, ID: 29206294 strives to produce products of the highest quality and customer satisfaction is paramount for us. However, we can achieve this only through a clear agreement with the client. For this reason, we present the Business Conditions in the following lines.

§ 1 Orders
The supplier is entitled to withdraw from the execution of the order if it is found that it contradicts the ethical rules of the supplier or legal regulations. This category includes, in particular, material containing defamation of the nation, ethnic group, race and belief, incitement to hatred or restriction of their rights and freedoms, dissemination of pornography, possession of child pornography, support and promotion of movements to suppress rights and freedoms of a group or individual, etc.

§ 2 Processing
If the order is complete and clear to us as a supplier, it can be destined for processing. A complete order is considered to be an order that contains a list of ordered products, their numbers, method of payment, choice of carrier and invoicing and delivery information. In the event that the order is not understandable for the supplier, it will be returned to the customer, resp. he will be contacted in order to complete the order.

The normal processing time is 3-7 working days from the approval of the graphic preview in the case of products in stock, 10-20 working days from the approval of the graphic preview in the case of custom-made products. For products with the value "unlimited quantity in stock", the delivery date is usually 3-10 working days from the approval of the graphic preview, unless otherwise stated in the order confirmation. Information on stock availability and shipping date is always given in the product detail. In the event that your order is in a hurry, it is possible for products in stock Express printing for a fee of EUR 38, the delivery date of such an order is within 3 working days of approval of the graphic preview.

§ 3 Purchase contract

The customer acknowledges that the creation of the order creates between him and Kyoprint s.r.o. purchase and sale relationship, from which it follows, among other things, the obligation to pay the purchase price for the manufacture of the product.

§ 4 Prices
The products will be delivered at the prices valid on the day of concluding the contract as stated on the website. The listed prices include the currently valid value added tax (VAT).

Promotional prices are valid exclusively for the duration of the event and after meeting the conditions that are given specifically for the event. These prices are valid only when sending the order within the duration of the event.

To the price of ordered products with individual printing is added the amount of EUR 12 prepress fee for wedding invitations (christmas cards) and EUR 8 for wedding table place cards. This amount is the fee for background work on the order, such as paper cutting, setting up printing machines, and other printing-related activities.

Additional charges stated on the invoice may be:
pre-press fee of the 2nd (and other) language version of the invitation EUR 30
pre-press fee of the 2nd (and other) language version weedding invitations (christmas cards) EUR 12

Each adjustment after approval of the graphic preview for printing (numbers, color, font, text, etc.) is charged EUR 8.

When ordering a reprint (production of additional pieces of notification after sending the original order), it is charged EUR 5.

Please note that the initial graphic design + 3 other graphic modifications on request are included in the price of the order.
Further adjustments above this limit are already charged at EUR 8 each additional adjustment.

The total price of the order is the sum of the total price for the ordered products, the price of prepress according to the number of selected variants and the price for transport according to the choice of payment and method of transport. The price of transport is determined according to the currently valid price list and is unchanged.

§ 4.1. Samples
The sample without any personalised text is sent for the price of the product (wedding invitation / christmas card) without printing + the price of transport (according to the choice of the carrier and the method of payment).
The sample with personalised text is sent for the price of EUR 5/pc + the price of transport (according to the carrier's choice and method of payment), in the case of a future order of product, the price for sample EUR 5 will be deducted from the pre-press fee.

The number of samples is limited to a maximum of 3 pieces.

§ 4.2. Envelopes

Envelopes are included in price of any wedding invitation / christmas card. The standard color of envelopes is white, or according to the information on the product. The seller reserves the right to change the color of the envelope in case of unavailability in stock, customer will be notified of this change.

§ 5 Completion
Due to frequent damage during transport, we deliver all wedding invitations and christmas cards in a disassembled state. When delivering pieces printed by us, a assembled sample will always be included for easier assembly. In case of interest, completion can be done for an additional fee (the amount will be determined individually). For this service, please contact us by email at [email protected] or use the "Notes" box in the last step of the order.

§ 6 Returns, Cancel order
Due to the nature of the product, which is adapted to the individual requirements of the client, which prevents its resale, it is not possible to cancel the order after approval of the graphic preview for printing. In the event of cancellation by the customer after the printing of the order, the customer is obliged to pay all costs incurred in the execution of the order.
Products that are not individually manufactured are subject to the standard return option without giving a reason within 14 days.

§ 7 Delivery, shipping
Delivery of the completed order will take place in the customers selected delivery method when sending the order. Kyoprint s.r.o. offers the possibility of personal collection, sending by PPL/DHL courier, or sending by the Zásilkovna transport company. The price of transport is determined according to the valid price list of the carrier and according to the chosen method of payment. The currently valid transport price list is:

Customers in EU
PPL payment by bank transfer, delivery within 48 hours of receiving payment EUR 8
Zásilkovna payment by bank transfer, delivery within 48 hours of receiving payment EUR 8

Personal pickup at the store is free for all customers.

When paying by bank transfer, sending takes place only after adding the payment to the supplier's account, the statement from the customer's account is not taken as authoritative, but in case of delayed payment it can help to find it.
The supplier does not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by transport, here it is necessary to file a complaint with the carrier according to their valid complaint conditions. Delivery delays by Kyoprint s.r.o. does not entitle the customer to compensation for damage, unless gross negligence or intent on the part of the supplier is proven. The supplier is not responsible for delays in the delivery time caused by the carrier.
In the case of personal collection, the customer is obliged to pick up the orders as soon as possible, but no later than 2 months from receipt of the invitation to pick up, unless both parties agree otherwise. After this period, the order will be canceled and the costs incurred will be recovered from the customer.

§ 8 Payment
Kyoprint s.r.o. offers the payment options below. These payment options are selected when creating the order.

Possible payment methods:
Bank transfer - we will provide you a invoice on the basis of which you will pay for the goods
GoPay - the possibility of secure payment by bank transfer immediately after completing the order
Cash - payment in cash at our store

§ 9 Ownership
The product remains the property of Kyoprint s.r.o. until full payment of all items of the order.

§ 10 Warranty, complaints
The warranty period begins on the day of delivery of the order to the customer. The subject of the complaint is a product that does not comply with technical standards or incomplete delivery of the order if the supplier has not informed the customer in advance about the incompleteness of the order. The subject of the complaint cannot be non-compliance with requirements that contradict the business conditions of Kyoprint s.r.o. valid on the day of sending the order. It is also not possible to make a complaint about errors (grammatical, graphic and others) that the customer has agreed in the graphic design.

The customer is obliged to claim obvious defects upon receipt of the product, but no later than 2 weeks after receipt. Later complaints are not possible. Hidden defects must be reported as soon as possible after discovery, but no later than 6 months after the order has been placed within the legal deadline set for the complaint. Simple complaints can be made by phone at +420 773379429, more complex ones must be submitted in writing to the e-mail address [email protected] In the event of a justified complaint, Kyoprint s.r.o. first the right to a replacement delivery. This delivery will be made free of charge, all costs, including transport, in this case are borne by the supplier. Only in the event that a replacement delivery is not possible or will be faulty, the customer has the right to demand the cancellation of the contract or price reduction. Upon withdrawal from the contract, the customer is obliged to return the entire order to the company's address

Kyoprint s.r.o.
Legionarska 231
Kurim 66434
Czech republic

The deadline for settling the complaint is 30 calendar days from the receipt of the claim to Kyoprint s.r.o.

As part of the complaint procedure, the customer is obliged to truthfully inform about defects, if it is not possible to eliminate the defect immediately and both parties agree otherwise, the customer is obliged to provide all the information required for the defect in writing.

The customer acknowledges that if the information in the order is not true or is incorrect, it cannot be the subject of a complaint.

The color of the wedding invitations and christmas cards that can be seen on the website may not match the fact, it is determined by the monitor settings. For this reason, we offer the option of sending samples.

The invoice is part of each order and will be delivered to the customer either by e-mail or will be part of the order.

§ 11 Warranties
In case of loss of documents needed for production (eg CD, flashdisk), the supplier pays only the price of the pure material on which the document was delivered. Any further damages are not possible.

§ 12 Protection of personal data
The customer agrees to the use of personal data for the needs of Kyoprint s.r.o. This processing is done taking into account Act 428/2002 of the Collection. Kyoprint s.r.o. treats all data as confidential. The customer has the right to revoke his consent at any time with effect for the future.

§ 13 Copyright
The customer who places an order for processing declares that he is the sole copyright owner of all material needed for production (eg photographs, print data). The consequences of possible copyright infringement are borne by the customer.

§ 14 Appendix
It is always paramount to proceed from a sales contract and adhere to production accordingly. In the event of any non-compliance, both parties will endeavor to reach a new agreement that is as close as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid agreement, taking into account the interests of both parties.

§ 15  Order editing after approval of the graphic preview

Each adjustment after approval of the graphic preview for printing (numbers, color, font, text, etc.) is charged EUR 8.