Print on Acrylic glass

Print on acrylic glass

Why print on acrylic glass?
A print on acrylic glass is a beautiful keepsake that, thanks to its modern yet universal design, will stand out wherever you place it. It offers countless variants of decorations for your home and great gift items for your loved ones.

To create an original and personal gift item or your own decoration, we offer printing of your own photos and texts on acrylic glass that will help you create a beautiful memory of your experiences or those closest to you. Whether it is a photograph, a travel memory, a wedding or a gift for various occasions, printing on acrylic glass is the right choice.

Capture wonderful moments with your partner, friends, family and everyone close to you. Make yourself happy or give the record to your loved ones as a proof of your love and gratitude for being with you in every moment of your life :)

Choose from prints for various occasions such as Birthdays , Baby Showers , Anniversaries , Bachelorette Parties , Weddings , End of School and many more.

You can also choose from categories such as Own photo and text , Music players , Family , For couples , Text , For friends , Pets , Wedding , Travel and vacation , Zodiac signs , Baby birth , Baby birth Alphabet , Digital graphics , Motivational quotes , Pets , Children's theme , Bachelorette party , School photo or Interior decoration and others.

The acrylic glass print is made with high-quality UV printing in high resolution right under the acrylic glass. Thanks to this, the created print is protected from mechanical damage from the visible side, and at the same time, this printing method adds a 3D effect to it. The only exceptions are prints on opaque acrylic and dibond plates, where printing is possible only on their front side.

Wooden stand
The board can be purchased separately or with a wooden stand, in which it stands out even more. The wooden stand is made of solid beech here in the Czech Republic, and by purchasing it you support local manufacturers :) The price of the board includes only the standard acrylic stand.
Wooden standAcrylic stand

Types of material:

Acrylic glass
Transparent and clear. Ideal for printing gift tags and digital graphics.
Imprint it is made on the back of the board, which protects the acrylic glass itself from damage.

Acrylic glass
Thickness 3mm

White or black acrylic
Opaque. Ideal for carved interior decorations.
The print is made on the front side of the board.

White acrylic boardBlack acrylic plate

Thickness 3mm

Dibond board white or black
Opaque. Ideal for designs that require a white or black background.

The sandwich board is composed of a polyethylene core and covered on both sides with an aluminum sheet in the given color.
Matte finish on one side and glossy finish on the other.
The print is made on the front side of the board.
Dibond board whiteDibond board black

Thickness 3mm

Dibond plate silver or gold
Opaque. Ideal for designs that call for a gold or silver detail.

The sandwich board is composed of a polyethylene core and covered with aluminum sheet on both sides.
The plate has a silver or gold reflection on only one side.
The print is made on the front side of the board with the given reflection.

Dibond plate silverDibond plate gold
Thickness 3mm